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 AgZeit Farms

Indoor Vertical Farming

AgZeit ("Excite") is indoor, year-round soil-based, vertical farms, with our BYG partnership utilizing 2445 Organics technologies, we grow FLOH (fresh, local, organic, healthy), naturally grown, nutrient-dense, high-quality produce and crops for local customers.  

AgZeit crops are grown indoors with natural seeds, natural soils, water, and light.  No pesticides 

No chemicals 

 See & taste the difference!

Fresh Herbs

If you’re into fresh, naturally-grown herbs, you’ve come to the right place. AgZeit supplies its customers with natural, nutrient-dense  herbs.


Fresh Greens

AgZeit believes that the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle starts with a person’s diet. That is why we only supply our clients with the very best fresh, naturally-grown greens one can get in the area. If you’re looking for top-quality natural greens, you’ve come to the right place.

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