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About AgZeit

Long before there was a Silicon Valley, there was the “Valley of Opportunity” here in the Greater Binghamton area of upstate NY. The “Valley of Opportunity” is the birthplace of well-known companies, IBM, Dick’s Sporting Goods as well as the invention of virtual reality and “flight simulator,” technologies, all leading to a notable concentration of electronics and defense-oriented firms. This sustained economic prosperity deemed this area the “Valley of Opportunity”. 
However, cuts were made by defense firms after the end of the Cold War causing the region to lose a significant portion of its manufacturing industry & population. Today, there is a strong effort of economic revitalization with a strong driving force behind it from various startups, high-tech firms, & education.
AgZeit Farms will play a very large role in the rebooting of the “Valley of Opportunity” and revitalization of upstate NY. With 100x expansion plans, AgZeit Farms has a goal to create hundreds of jobs & lifelong careers for the Greater Binghamton area.
AgZeit Farms is a local, sustainable, indoor, year-round agriculture (ag) startup company growing FLOH (Fresh, Local, Organic, Healthy) leafy greens, shoots, via our BYG partnership with 2445 Organics and their technologies.  Future products will include naturally-grown fruits and vegetables. We will have continual automation R&D with strategic partners at Cornell and Binghamton Universities. As well as farm to table food traceability with the blockchain.
Our indoor grow facility started in the Fall of 2017.  The successful proof of our concept pilot is already underway with 32 grow units currently located in the Union Endicott School District LWW/Tiger Ventures high school (in Broome County, NY). We currently mentor the Tiger Ventures students 3 days a week, teaching planting /harvesting skills as well as marketing/business concepts and developing their confidence along the way! 
Via BYG, AgZeit Farms is currently selling our superior, naturally grown produce to local customers, grocers, and restaurants; Weis Markets, ShopRite, stores Whole in the Wall, Rossi’s Pizza, Phil’s Chicken House, Lampy’s Mediterranean Grill, Oaks Inn, Chroma Bakery, Food Co-Op of Binghamton University, Old Barn Market, Hollenbeck’s Grocery, Greggs Big M, & Taste of NY to name a few. We have the good headache of not being able to keep up with demand! 
AgZeit Farms will be the only high-tech, soil based, locally deliverable, chemical free, nutrient rich, year-round, grow-on-demand, grower in the region, if not the country.  Customers will be able to place fresh produce orders on a subscription, grow-on-demand, immediate and regular delivery basis - via our suite of online services and mobile apps in the very near future. Stay tuned!

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